1000 Best Smart Money Secrets for Students – eBook


Grade 9 Up–Aimed at aspiring college students and their families, this book offers great practical money-saving and earning ideas.

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Author: Debby Fowles
Publisher: Sourcebooks Inc.


Topics include managing a student loan, maximizing eligibility for financial aid, and understanding and controlling credit-card use. The suggestions presented are brief–often six to eight lines long–and are numbered from 1 to 1000.

The section on saving money on clothing and laundry alone will recoup the cost of the book. Some sound advice is also offered on reducing the cost of a spring-break vacation and travel in general. The book is well organized and makes for worthwhile reading, but may appeal more to parents than to students.

Find Money
Make Money
Save Money

Expert Debby Fowles shows you:

Before College
– Nine little-known places to look for scholarships
– 13 tips for winning scholarships
– Maximize your eligibility for financial aid
– 17 secrets to save money on college housing

At School
– Creative ways to control entertainment costs
– 12 cash-generating ideas
– Textbook websites that will save you money
– The secrets of successful budgeting
– 8 warnings about student loans
– Get the best jobs on campus

Avoid graduating from school with a mountain of debt!




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