Grow Great Weed – The Complete Guide – eBook


Grow Great Weed: The Complete Guide on How to Grow Marijuana Indoors,
From The Best LED Grow Lights of 2016, to the Best Growing Medium

Author: Cameron Lee


In this book, you will learn the fundamentals of how to successfully grow indoors.
Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

Chapter 1: An Introduction to the world or growing marijuana indoors.
Here we provide nine tips that will make or break your success in how to grow weed indoors.

Chapter 2: Security, Factors that can get you busted, and our Security Checklist that will provide you with the 10 big ticket items to manage
your grow room to success, without getting busted. Don’t discover problems, avoid them in the first place!

Chapter 3: Seeds and plant choices – How to pick the strain of marijuana that will give you the outcomes you want in growing AND in smoking.

Chapter 4: How to pick and mix the right growing media that will set you up for success. The wrong one will be a disaster!
You’ve heard about the benefits of hydroponics, but what does it really mean for you? We’ll tell you…

Chapter 5: Feeding your plants is as easy as picking the right fertilizer and mixing it in right proportions for each growing phase.
We give you a step by step formula, IF you picked the right media!

Chapter 6: Like making beer, the quality of your plants can be the result of the right water you use. If you have pure mountain spring water use it,
if not follow our directions. Don’t use chlorinated water and make sure you manage the PH!! We’ll explain in this chapter…

Chapter 7: You must manage the air quality for CO2, humidity, motion, odor and temperature for each growth phase, and we tell you how.

Chapter 8: Your grow lights are often the biggest investment in your grow room. There are many variations of grow light, and many opinions on the best solution.
Making the right decision at the beginning, will ensure you have the lighting you need during the flowering phase.
This area is the single most important and confusing decision you will make for your success when growing weed indoors.
let us show you the best LED Grow lights that will put you on the fast track to success…

Chapter 9: How to germinate, how to prune and trim, what plants to eliminate, how to clone, how to drive flowering,
when to harvest, how to cure, all in this info packed chapter.

Chapter 10: Setting up your grow room right before you start will enable you to avoid most of the dangers and failures.
Grow tents can be an attractive options for many, and in Chapter 10 we will highlight some of the best grow tents available. Do it right the first time!

Chapter 11: We summarize the reasons growing your own is worth the time, money, heartburn, and
fear and highlight the top nine mistakes many growers make, so you won’t!




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