Hacking and Security – 17 eBooks


In the computer security context, a hacker is someone who seeks and exploits weaknesses in a computer system or computer network. Hackers may be motivated by a multitude of reasons, such as profit, protest, challenge or enjoyment.


1. Honeypots – Tracking Hackers
2. Art of Deception = Kevin Mitnick
3. Google Hacking For Penetration Test
4. Google Hacking: Making Competitive Intelligence Work For You
5. The Google Hackers : Understanding and Defending Against the Google Hacker
6. Hack Attacks Revealed – Complete Reference with Complete Security
7. Hack Proofing – Your Internet Tradecraft
8. Hack Proofing your Identity in the information Age
9. Hackers Disassembling Undercovered
10. Hackers Beware The Ultimate Guide to Network Security
11. Hacker’s Delight
12. Hackers Secrets
13. Hacking – The Art of Exploitation
14. Hacking for Dummies – Access to Other Peoples Systems Made Simple
15. Halting the Hackers A Practical Guide to Computer Security
16. Maximum Security – A Hacker’s Guide to Protecting you Internet site and network.
17. Tool Links

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