Holly Lisle’s Create A World Clinic – Holly Lisle – eBook


When you use Holly Lisle’s Create A World Clinic…
You’ll get better stories.
Better characters.
Better plots.
Better description.
Better conflict.
And MUCH better consistency from story to story and book to book.

Author: Holly Lisle
Publisher: OneMoreWord Books


Holly Lisle’s Create A World Clinic includes:
The 301-page, 70,000-word course…
Divided into SANE techniques–simple worldbuilding to develop immersive plots, conflicts, and characters
And GEEK-DEEP techniques used to write fiction when the world is a character, you want to keep all your readers while switching genres, or if you are writing series fiction…
Comprehensive, easy-to use printable worksheets that allow you to organize your worlds for consistency between books, and so that you can pick up an old series and begin writing in it again
11 Geek-Deep videos with additional Geek-Deep worksheets
8 worldbuilding maps used by the author to create several published series (Korre, Matrin, Known Space), including five flat maps and three 3-D maps
Lifetime downloads of in-version course upgrades in PDF, .mobi (Kindle), and .epub formats.
And links in the back of the book to let you get all the extras at no additional cost.

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