Learning Android Game Programming – Richard A. Rogers – eBook


Rick Rogers has been developing software for more than thirty years and has been focused on software for mobile devices for the last twelve years. He is the author of numerous technical magazine articles and a previous book on introductory Android application development. He has developed mobile device software for large and small companies, and participated in international consortia that have shaped the evolution of mobile devices.

Author: Richard A. Rogers
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional


With this book you’ll learn how to

Use free Android tools for creating code, artwork, and sound

Implement the “game loop” that is at the heart of Android games

Bring your game to life with scene transitions and entity modifiers

Make the most of bitmap and vector graphics, sprites, and animation

Integrate user input via touch, multitouch, keyboard, voice recognition, accelerometer, location, and compass

Build infinite virtual worlds with tile maps

Create, save, and reuse powerful particle effects

Find, acquire, modify, and use background music and sound effects

Implement highly realistic physics effects with Box2D

Use AI techniques to make your games smarter and more fun

Build a scoring framework based on collisions between your game elements

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