Maximizing your business with facebook – eBook


The term “Social Media Marketing” is becoming common. While a year ago it used to be SEO or Search Engine Optimized content, which is basically content with a few specific keywords, put in here and there, the trend nowadays is with various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to increase the profile of a website. The Internet is evolving quickly and something new concerning how you can improve your site’s profile is coming up almost on a monthly basis.


Specifically, with Facebook there is a lot of information floating around the net about how essential it is for businesses to be on their website. Yet, many businesses have an innate fear of social networking as such because of their concerns with data security. This is the dilemma that most SMB or Small to Medium Businesses face, whether to be on Facebook or not.

This guide’s purpose is to discuss in detail what exactly Facebook is and how using it can help any small business become bigger than imagined through social networking.

Maximizing Your Business with Facebook
What is Facebook?
Why Facebook is Important for Small Businesses
Increase Web Presence
Increase Brand Image
Increase Customer Interaction
Lead Generation
Gain New Friends
Community Pages
Use Facebook as an Advantage
Create a Personal Profile
Facebook News Feed
Facebook Groups
Facebook Pages
Notes and Photos
Facebook Marketplace
Paid Services
Social Ads
Market Research
Facebook Platform
Other Ways to Use Facebook
Social Plug-ins
Data Leakage
Tone of Voice
Transition Time



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