Probability – Santosh Jha – eBook


He wants this to happen. She is reluctant. He wishes the probability of mutuality to get a last full-blown opportunity to attain fruition and ultimate utility. Her mind is unsure of the validity of the enterprise; even as she has nothing against him. Finally, the raw and core instincts of bodies are invited to preside over the missing probability of mutuality. Does it work?

Author: Santosh Jha


Words do not create possibilities but possibilities entwined in every word always engender beautiful and mystical probabilities. They are still talking, and even when things are not quite well in their relationship, they remain friends and so are the probabilities.
These unbounded journeys of cathartic causality between probability and compatibility have a definitive date with delectable destinies. Mutuality must remain the center-stage of all probabilities even as individuals struggle to write the scripts of their own destinies differently. Rather, all probabilities are beautifully satisfying, filled with fruition, if they happen to engender spectacular shades of mutualities. This is life at its mystical best.
This avant garde romantic novelette journeys into the novel road of probability of mutuality. The romance rides on the novelty of musicality. Though the novelette is an enterprise of words, the expression is musical, drawing its rhythm and repertoire from the traditions of Indian Classical music

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