Sci-Fi Pack – 108 eBooks


This list presents my picks for the Top 108 Science Fiction Books. It’s a broad list that covers a lot of subgenres and draws from a number of “eras” from the early science fiction to hot-off-the press works that have garnered critical acclaim. These are the best in the genre and are the absolute “Must Reads.”


A Desert Called Peace
An Obsidian Sky
At The End
Barcode Legend of Apollo
Bedlam Boys
Beyond Mars Crimson Fleet
Big Teeth
Carnival Baseball
City At Worlds End
Dinosaur Wars Earthfall
Entropy of Imagination
Ever Onward 1 AC
Oolite Saga -5 books
Fort Falling
Frankenstein Remade
Free Radical
Galaxy of Heroes
Guide to the best Sci-Fi and Horror
Hard Jack
Harmonics Rise of The Magician
Hellhounds of the Cosmos
His Robot Girlfriend
Hunters Out of Space
Ice Cracker 2
In The Heart of Darkness
Invaders From The Infinite
Legacy of a Mad Scientist
Lily Marin-Short Steampunk Stories-2 books
Linkage Narrows of Time
Lunara Seth and Chloe
Mahines of Eden
Scince Fiction Anthologies – A Guide
Mens [english ver]
Moon Dreams
Newt Run
Northworld Trilogy
Oath of Swords
Old Nathan
On Basilisk Station
Passengers to Zeta Nine
Peace Warrior
Prison of the Gods
These are your Lives
Seas of Venus
Secret of the Red Planet
Selections [short stories] 3 volumes
Shadow Games
Social Punk 1
Space Opera
Spell of Apocolypse
Stalker Southern Comfort
Star Soldiers
Steal Tomorrow
Teddy Hunter:The Underground
The Crowded Earth
The Invader
The Course of Empire
The Creatures of Man
The Forlorn
The Honor of the Queen
The Philosophical Strangler
The Sea Hag
The Tank Lords
The 19 Dragons
The Adventures of Tomahawk Jackson
The Bomb Boy
Guide to the Years best Sci-fi
The Culling
The God in the Clear Rock
The Incidental Battle for the Universe
The Last Angel and Other Stories
The Minds Game
The Metatronic Chronicles
The Phoenix Conspiracy
The Runner
The Scioneer
The Singer
The Sixth Disciple
The Spiraling Web
The Survivor Cronicles -Parts 1-28 -2 books
The TroubleShooter
The War of Immensities
The Zygan Enterprise
Time Traders
To Whatever End
Unu Lando
War of the Worlds Refought
With the Lightnings
Write Now The Prisoner of Nanowrimo

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