Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation – Barry A. J. Fisher – eBook


What’s New in the Eighth Edition:

The latest in forensic DNA testing and collection, including low copy number DNA
A new chapter on digital evidence
New case studies with color photographs
End-of-chapter study questions
Practical tips and tricks of the trade in crime scene processing

Author: Barry A. J. Fisher
Publisher: CRC Press


The application of science and technology plays a critical role in the investigation and adjudication of crimes in our criminal justice system. But before science can be brought to bear on evidence, it must be recognized and collected in an appropriate manner at crime scenes. Written by authors with over 50 years of combined experience in forensic science, Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation examines the concepts, field-tested techniques, and procedures of crime scene investigation. Detectives, crime scene technicians, and forensic scientists can rely on this updated version of the “forensics bible” to effectively apply science and technology to the tasks of solving crimes.

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