The Crystal Cave (Merlin Trilogy)- by Mary Stewart – 4 AudioBook


Mary Stewart’s Merlin and Arthurian Saga, The Crystal Cave is a Trilogy with a bonus part four. Her four best-selling novels now stand together in one volume – the finest work of her distinguished career.

Author: Mary Stewart


The imaginative brilliance of the Merlin Trilogy completes the life and character of Merlin which are left untold in the early legends.
At the end of each of the novels, Mary Stewart has set down the substance of the original legends and with it the sources of her own variations.
Her portrait of Merlin is a new legend in itself.

Merlin 1 – The Crystal Cave (1970) – 24 mp3 tracks
Merlin 2 – The Hollow Hills (1973) – 24 mp3 tracks
Merlin 3 – The Last Enchantment (1979) – 24 mp3 tracks
Merlin 4 – The Wicked Day (1983) – 20 mp3 tracks

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