The King of the Golden River – Audiobook


The King of the Golden River is a fantasy novel written by John Ruskin.

Author: John Ruskin


In this audiobook, we follow the story of three brothers who out of sheer ignorance offended one of the most influential and powerful men in their town, Mr. Southwest Wind. This lapse in judgment cost the brothers more than they ever would have thought as the Mr. Wind went
to great lengths to make sure that the three brothers learn from their mistake in the harshest of ways.

Esquire, the three brother’s farm is completely destroyed under orders from Mr. Wind and with nearly all of their possessions lost the three brothers found themselves in a dire situation.
Desperation pushed the brothers to become goldsmiths and was forced to melt the remainder of their treasures. However, one of these golden treasures contained within it the soul of the King of the Golden Rivers who tells the brothers of the secrets within the famous Golden River.

Will the brothers be able to turn their fortunes around once again?

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