The NASDAQ Trading Masterclass

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Upon completion of this course you will learn how NASDAQ behaves, what similar patterns to watch out for and how to enter and exit NASDAQ confidently. You will learn to trade as if you have been trading for years.

ISBN / GTIN 9781795471855


Are you TIRED of losing at Trading?
Would you like to Trade like a Professional?

The Master NASDAQ class has been designed to show you an easy approach to trading. Over the years of trading, we have realized what books teach you and how you apply it in real life is worlds apart. It’s like an engineer, he can study all the books to be the best mechanic but put him on the job, he won’t have a clue.

We believe practice makes trading perfect hence why our course is 20% slide shows and 80% practical. After every slide we will spend a great depth of time showing you how it works in real life trading. For example how do you draw support and resistance? We won’t spend 1 hour speaking about what support and resistance is, we will give you tips and tricks and straight to the chart and show you how we draw them and how to use them in live trading scenarios

What are the requirements?
A basic understanding of the stock market
Any computer – Windows, OSX or Linux
Access to a trading account

Why choose this course?
– Easy to understand and apply.
– Trade with confidence and stop gambling.
– Comprehensive Syllabus to kick start your career.
– Study at your own pace anywhere.

What is the target audience?
Anyone wanting to learn how to trade NASDAQ successfully and not to gamble.

Lectures – 26
Quizzes – 0
Duration – 3h 53m
Skill level – All levels
Language – English
Students – 158
Certificate – No

INTRODUCTION (5 Lectures, 14 min)
TIMEFRAMES (5 Lectures, 39 min)
SUPPORT & RESISTANCE (3 Lectures, 44 min)
TREND LINES & CHANNELS (4 Lectures, 27 min)
PATTERNS (1 Lecture, 12 min)
ENTRY TECHNIQUES (8 Lectures, 72 min)

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