The Thing in the Attic – Audiobook


This exciting science fiction/fantasy audiobook features an fascinating tale of a world hidden right before our eyes.

Author: James Blish


A young man named Honath the Pursemaker has been branded as a heretic by his world.
All his life, Honath was told that giants created his mystical tree dwelling race.
A tale he found hard to believe which he then questioned which led to his persecution.

As he states to his fellow tree dwellers that he does not believe in the stories from their holy Book of Laws he was immediately shunned.
As for his punishment, Honath was thrown out along with his “infidel” friends to the jungle floor where
they will have to fend for themselves and survive the dangers that are lurking below.
Honath may find some truth here, or he may only find death.
There is only one way to find out and that is to move forward and seek the truth his race.

Will he be able to find what he is looking for or will he only find his end?

(38 MB – 2 x mp3 files)



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