UFO – FBI Top Secret Files – eBook


This ebook is a conglomeration of varius text files, some classified top secret by U.S. Intelligence, others by U.S. pilots, soldiers, etc. which were confiscated as a threat to national security, and then their existence denied.

Author: Nicholas Redfern
Publisher: Simon & Schuster


…After several years of research, various people have unearthed the high possibility of EBE base areas in the Nevada area. Observations from many individuals, some of whom have been threatened by various parties, have led them to the following conclusions:….

….Germany had recovered a flying saucer as early as 1939. General
James H. Doolittle went to Sweden in 1946 to inspect a flying saucer
that had crashed there in Spitzbergen….

…There were several more saucer crashes in the late 1940’s, one in
Roswell, New Mexico, one in Aztec, New Mexico, and one near Laredo,
Texas, about 30 miles inside the Mexican border….




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