War of the Worlds – Audiobook


The world has come into war without rhyme or reason and it must fight back against these highly advanced aggressors if humans are to have a place in the planet’s future.

Author: H. G. Wells


The classic science fiction novel by renowned author H.G. Wells comes to life in a new format
with this excellent audiobook edition of the amazing and terrifying tale of beings from another world.

The story of War of the Worlds is written in a faux documentary style which is told by one of the survivors or observer of this cataclysmic event.
Events of the novels unfolded within London wherein numerous strange vessels landed which scientists believes originated from the planet Mars.
Humans were shocked by the arrival of these unknown visitors and for a moment, believed they come in peace.
Amazement immediately turns to horror as these manned vessels start destroying their surroundings as well as killing any human that are in their path.

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