536 Puzzles and Curious Problems – eBook


“Amusement is one of the fields of applied mathematics.” – 536 Puzzles and Curious Problems will keep you busy for days.

Author: Henry Ernest Dudeney
Publisher: Dover Publications


Money Puzzles
Age Puzzles
Clock Puzzles
Speed and Distance Puzzles
Weight Puzzles
Digital Puzzles
Skeleton Puzzles
Cryptarithm Puzzles
Miscellaneous Puzzles
Geometrical Problems
Triangle, Square, and other Polygon Puzzles
Circle Puzzles
Dividing-the-Plane Puzzles
Plane Geometry Puzzles
Solid Geometry Puzzles 106
Dissection Puzzles 112
Paper Folding Puzzles 127
Moving Counter Puzzles 130
Combinatorial & Topological Problems 139
Magic Square Puzzles 141
Magic Star Puzzles 145
Liquid Pouring Puzzles 149
Route and Network Puzzles 152
Point Alignment Puzzles 164
Map Coloring Puzzles 169
Miscellaneous Combinatorial Puzzles 170
Game Puzzles 183
Domino Puzzles 189
Match Puzzles 199
Unclassified Puzles 209

Answers 223




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