All over again – Lynette Ferreira – eBook


Lynette Ferreira’s acclaimed novel Recycled Souls was meant to be a simple love story – a story of discovery that even through many lifetimes, many mistakes and many different choices, we always end up where we are always supposed to be…

Author: Lynette Ferreira


In the initial draft of Recycled Souls, Elizabeth met up with Devlin when she regressed back across the years. However, when it was time for Elizabeth to come back to the present day, Devlin kept following her.

This would have turned Recycled Souls into a paranormal romance. She would have broken up with Jared because she could always feel Devlin with her, and this could have made her relationship with Jared awkward.

The problem was how to get rid of Devlin again, without losing the heart of my story. And so “All over again” became a separate book all of its own!

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