Arabic for Dummies – Audiobook


Learn how to speak and understand Modern Standard Arabic quickly and easily with Arabic For Dummies Audio Set.

Author: David F. DiMeo, Osama Abu Eledum


This audiobook allows you to practice your skills whether you’re at home or on the road. From 3 hours of instructional material on 30 mp3 files, learn basic greetings, vocabulary, how to ask for directions, get help when you need it most, expressions, grammar, and other essentials that will allow you to start communicating right away. Follow along with the handy portable guide, which is filled with words and phrases that you’ll hear on the audio files.

Track 1: Introduction
Track 2: Pronunciation Guide (Chapter 1)
Track 3: Greetings at school (Chapter 3)
Track 4: Meeting at the coffee shop (Chapter 3)
Track 5: A conversation in the cafeteria (Chapter 4)
Track 6: Chatting about the weather (Chapter 4)
Track 7: Ordering breakfast (Chapter 5)
Track 8: Picking up a sandwich (Chapter 5)
Track 9: Finding the clothing section of a store (Chapter 6)
Track 10: Shopping for a camera (Chapter 6)
Track 11: Planning to see a movie (Chapter 7)
Track 12: Figuring out the bus schedule (Chapter 7)
Track 13: Scheduling a soccer game (Chapter 8)
Track 14: Going to the beach (Chapter 8)
Track 15: Making dinner plans over the phone (Chapter 9)
Track 16: Leaving a message (Chapter 9)
Track 17: A job interview (Chapter 10)
Track 18: Borrowing an eraser (Chapter 10)
Track 19: Filling out a bank account application (Chapter 11)
Track 20: Exchanging currency (Chapter 11)
Track 21: Asking for directions (Chapter 12)
Track 22: Getting directions to a hotel (Chapter 12)
Track 23: Inquiring about hotel facilities (Chapter 13)
Track 24: Making a hotel reservation (Chapter 13)
Track 25: Making an airline reservation (Chapter 14)
Track 26: Speaking to an immigration agent (Chapter 14)
Track 27: Making plans to visit Morocco (Chapter 15)
Track 28: Speaking to a consular officer (Chapter 15)
Track 29: Helping someone who’s fallen (Chapter 16)
Track 30: Describing symptoms to a doctor (Chapter 16)

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