DeadMan Ridge: Death Comes Callin’ – Alan Stanford – eBook

Joe Bell looses love ones and will chase the murderous outlaws to hell to seek his revenge, He can trust no one as he goes after them.. More Romance! REMEMBER TO SEE MY LATEST BOOK OUT: “HANNIGAN” (Wanted Dead Or Alive)

Author: Alan Stanford
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing


Well, you boys want to party? The second cowboy said Hell yes and she leaned over the table, letting her breast fall part ways out of her shirt, as the cowboy’s eyes fell to her chest. Dixie stuck her pig sticker right through the second cowboys throat front to back and gave it a nice little twist for good measure. The look on his face was of surprise and dread. He attempted to say something, but all that came out was a gurgling sound. She stepped back, leaving the knife stuck in his throat and the first cowboy kicked the table forward, catching Dean off guard and he stumbled, but Dixie sidestepped it and drew her Colt 44 and blew two holes in the cowboy before he cleared leather. With one swift motion she pulled the knife out of the second cowboy and kicked him off the chair…

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