Encyclopedia of Hinduism – India Heritage Research Foundation – eBook


*More content than any other work on Hinduism ever published
*11 volumes covering the magnificent history of one of the world’s oldest cultures and religions
*Thousands of stunning and carefully researched full-color illustrations
*New biographies of the Hindu world’s major leaders
*Contributions from over 1,000 distinguished historians, curators, professors, and other notable experts
*Over 10,000 articles

Author: India Heritage Research Foundation
Publisher: Mandala Publishing


The Encyclopedia of Hinduism encompasses, for the first time in history, the depth and breadth of Hindu and Indian history, science, astrology, medicine, civilization, culture, art, architecture, spirituality, and so much more. A monumental work that has been twenty years in the making and will fascinate, intrigue, and surprise anyone with an interest in the exotic, profound, vital world known as Hinduism, this handsome encyclopedia is a must-have for homes, universities, libraries, and anyone with serious interest in Asia’s indigenous cultures.

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