His Stand-In Bride – Stacey Zackerly – eBook


Acclaimed author Stacey Zackerly has crafted a sexy and romantic comedy of errors with her latest offering “Stand-In Bride.” A delightful mix of humor, romance, and eroticism it’s as tasty as a wedding cake and as hot as a honeymoon.

The story contains explicit adult language and very graphic depictions of sexual situations.

Author: Stacey Zackerly


Brad’s best friend Jeff was always coming up with one crazy scheme or another so it wasn’t totally shocking one day when he announced that he needed to fake being married in order to collect a very large trust fund that required him to have a bride by the age of 25, which was rapidly approaching. It didn’t shock Brad that Jeff wanted his help in staging some phony wedding pictures to fulfill the obligations of the trust. What did shock Brad was that Jeff wanted him to play the role of the bride in the mock ceremony, a trick that would be accomplished by Brad taking a new gender changing pill that Jeff had gotten his hands on somehow. After much protesting Brad was finally convinced to take the part of his buddy’s bride in exchange for a large piece of the fortune to come.

What started out as a relatively simple scheme soon began to snowball out of control, and Brad’s reluctant transformation into a blushing bride named Jennifer started to take on additional complications of its own as the pretend wedding became more and more realistic.

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