How to Build a Water Powered Car – 2 eBooks


As ridiculous as it seems & hard to believe, Water Powered Cars or Hydrogen/Oxygen Powered Cars, using 100% water as fuel is real. By splitting water by electrolysis and creating hydrogen/oxygen gas,…



1. The Car that Runs on Water Alone – Water Powered Car

In July 2005, an American mechanic released the details of his simple conversion system which
allows an ordinary car to use water as the only fuel. The details are as follows:

The car, which he runs on a daily basis, is a restored, eight-cylinder 1978 Chevy ‘Camaro’ with
stock 350 (5.7 litre) engine, no computer controls, automatic transmission, stock 4-barrel
carburetor and stock fuel pump. The fuel tank has been replaced with a metal water tank with
the filler cap vented to release heat and pressure. The exhaust was replaced with a new 2 inch
pipe which is ducted into the water tank. The water tank has baffles inside it which also muffles
the exhaust noise. The stock exhaust manifolds were used, but they will rust on the inside –
custom stainless steel pipes would be best but these were not used due to their cost.

2. Water-4-Gas

You will own and operate a water-to-energy converter. Water-4-Gas is
one of the most PRACTICAL ‘free-energy’ devices, marked by extraordinary simplicity and
effectiveness. This technology is from the 19th centuary – as old as 1884 or earlier! You cannot
get anything, anywhere near this good, for several times the price. The inventor is anonymous.




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