How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes – eBook


A fun, interactive guide to boost one’s powers of observation using the techniques of the world’s most famous detective—mind palaces, nonverbal tells, lie detection, intuition, concentration, alertness, logic, people watching, and more.

Author: Maria Konnikova
Publisher: Viking


“You see, but you do not observe. The distinction is clear.” Such were the words of the master detective Sherlock Holmes to Dr. Watson, as he noted how his friend failed to implement Holmes’s techniques.

With this guide readers will learn how to increase their powers of observation, memory, deduction, and reasoning. The book incorporates the latest techniques and theories across a range of topics: NLP, memory mapping, body language, information shifting, and speed reading—it will help readers look at the world in a new light, and more importantly, impress others.

Packed full of case studies, quotes, and trivia from the original novels and short stories, it also includes a series of fun tasks and games that will ensure that readers will reach the end of the book thinking like the master of the science of deduction. They will never look at a shirt cuff, trouser hem, or scuff of dirt on a shoe in the same way again!




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