Jewelry Making Instructions – 163 ebooks & 135 docs & pics


163 different beadwork, wirework, metal clay, polymer clay, and other jewelry making projects.



These are just some of the ebooks included:

Slinky Dutch Spiral Bracelet.txt
Spiral Rope Chain.doc
Leafy Vine Fringe Earrings.doc
Island Bracelet.doc
African Helix Tube.doc
Wirework – The Greek Key necklace.pdf
Tubular Ndebele & Stringing – Flowers and lace.pdf
Tips & Extras – Pulled Loom Warps.pdf
Stitch – Gondolas Nechlace.pdf
Stitch – Crystal Drop Necklace.pdf
Stitch – Cat’s Eye Necklace.pdf
Seed beads – Ice stars.pdf
Polymer clay – tendrilbead.pdf
Pattern – Peyote – Little Chick.pdf
Metal clay and Wirework – Spired Tendrils.pdf
Kimono Pattern.pdf
Grecian Goddess Bracelet.pdf
earrings Fire_Polished_Earrings.pdf
Crystals and seed beads – Blank pattern for Sparkling Garden.pdf
Beaded flowers – Bi-color hybrid tea rose.pdf
3D Ballerina Bear.pdf

(77.1 MB)



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