Sixty Years of Challenge (how to get women) – 7 eBooks


60 Years of Challenge is the nom de plume of a pick-up artist (or, in more conventional language, a womanizer).


After reading Neil Strauss’ book “The Game” you thought you had just found the holy grail of seduction.
You assumed all of your problems with women were finally solved.
You started looking forward to a lifetime of sexual abundance with hot women.
You were so hopeful and excited that you joined online forums, bought countless seduction products and spent hundreds of dollars on training.

This new system of seduction is so under the radar that women can barely explain what’s going on, let alone call you out for using it. And it’s going to be a good 10 years before the Average Joe catches on to what we are doing. (If ever)

The perception right now is that we are just a bunch of nerds. That our techniques don’t work. That our time has passed. You may have even noticed that it’s become popular to “hate on” and make fun of the seduction community.

Well Who’s Laughing Now B*tch?

#1 Opening Made Easy
#2 Fearless Relentless Escalation
#3 Simply Start Sex
#4 Relationship Roulette
#BONUS Secrets Of Micro Escalation Vibe
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