The Food of Myanmar (Burma) – Authentic Recipes – eBook


Myanmar, or Burma as it was formerly known, is a land with an intriguingly different and relatively undiscovered cuisine. Full of delicious and healthful dishes–some hauntingly similar to ones in the neighboring countries of China, India and Thailand, others dramatically different–the classic cooking of Myanmar is not difficult to prepare at home.

Publisher: River Books Press Dist A C


The Food of Myanmar is a unique cookbook that presents over 60 recipes encompassing the complete range of traditional Burmese dishes. Discover a distinctive cuisine that draws inspiration from neighboring traditions while remaining true to its Burmese roots.

Learn to create such national favorites as:

Rice Noodles in Fish Soup
Tangy Kaffir Lime Salad
Hearty Pork Balls Cooked in Sweet Soya Bean Sauce
Sesame-topped Semolina Cake with Coconut
Floating Rice Dumplings




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