What Girls Want Men To Wear – Ultimate Style Guide For Men – eBook


WOW – At last an ebook that shows men how to REALLY dress is HERE.
Daniel Johnson is not only one of the world’s most in demand men’s stylist and fashion consultant, but he is also part of my amazing team of experts who are all dedicated in helping men from across the globe in increasing their success rate with women IN ALL AREAS OF GAME.

Author: Kezia Noble
Publisher: Avery


Kezia Noble and Daniel have spent many months in putting together this absolutely incredible e-book “What Girls Want Men To Wear” (The ultimate style guide for men)
This is a seriously large ebook, packed with detailed advice and tips on how you can present yourself in the most attractive way possible.

The e-book caters to every need of EVERY man, INCLUDING YOU.
This e-book will give you all you need to know in regards to style and fashion, and can be applied in a way which will remain congruent with the following

Your age
Your height
Your budget
Your size
Your job
Your lifestyle
Your character.

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