Zombie Pack – 41 eBooks


There is simply no better time to brush-up on zombie fiction, but with so many undead-related titles to choose from, it’s hard to figure out where to start…


The Zombie Pack Contents:

A Feast of Flesh Tales of Zombies, Monsters, and Demons
A Zombie For The Holidays
American Zombie [night of the 28 legends]
Backyard Zombies
Badass Jones Foul Mouthed Zombie Hunter: The Taxman
Breakfast of Champions
Broken Angel
Control Zombies Suck Brains From Living Skulls
Desolation Boulevard
Drop Dead Tavern
F12 Horror Stories
H1NZ-0-Abby and Phils Story
Journals of the Damned
Kill Basa New Flavors in Zombie Horror
Lou vs The Zombies
LZR-1143 Perspectives Zombie Short Stories
Operation Blackheart
Peltham Park A Zombie Story
Saving Jebadiah Another Story of the Zombie Apocalypse
Summer of Zombie
The Fear Masters [The Zombie Ray From Outer Space]
The Zombie Bride
The Sickness: Montes Story
12 Days in Hell
Valley of Death Zombie Trailer Park
Wesley and the Sex Zombies
When I Became a Zombie
Zombie Apocalypse 2.0
Zombie Games: Origins
Zombie Kong
Zombie Nights
Zombie President
Zombie Takeover
Zombie Theater
Zombies A Compendium
Zombies A Hunters Guide
Zombies Eat Lawyers
Zombies in the Orchard
Zombie Spring

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