Circle of Life – Jacobus Kotze – eBook


The Circle of Life touches everyone who ever fell in love for it follows the pattern of betrothal, marriage, divorce or death. But what does the law say about relationships? What are your rights as a spouse? Does the rule of thumb to punish a wayward wife exist in law? Are you able to marry with the glove? What is a left handed marriage? Is it possible for a wife to be raped by her husband in law?

Author: Jacobus Kotze
Publisher: Smashwords Edition


The law is neutral. You will hear me say this in every second page and I mean simply it affects both sides equally or should. Anything which is unbalanced is unnatural. When the law leans towards the criminal because of the human rights issues so popular these days it will lead to the people getting fed-up enough to take the law in its own hands. Accordingly we find summarily executions and or public floggings and stoning’s to punish suspected criminals in Africa. Or businessmen and (even) lawyers murdered in what is clearly an organised hit. This is very wrong and though I always act for the Victim of crime and never the criminal such unilateral action cannot be condoned as justice. Note however that human rights are essential in law but only up to a point. Particularly in a place like Africa which is not as super civilized as where you may be.

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