EDYL – The Reading Department – Audiobook


Something new in the mystery and suspense genre is the EDYL: The Reading Department, you will be at the edge of your seat.

Author: Mark Capell


Set in 2046. It tells the story of Jake Radley as he is given the opportunity of a lifetime,
an opportunity that can very well cause him everything he holds dear if he is not careful.

EDYL: The Reading Department was first published on July 29, 2014 as an ebook.
It has now been adapted into an audiobook and is a good audiobook to satiate your thirst.
The Reading Department is in fact, a prequel to his other work which is a full length novel titled EDYL: Island of Immortality.

Mark Capell’s EDYL novel features a unique look at a dystopian future wherein secret is a luxury no one can afford and
immortality is something that can finally be achieved, at a price.
Mark Capell is one of the new talented novelists that has worked on various documentaries and
has now found his niche in the world of writing fiction.

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