The Speed Math Bible – Yamada Takumi – eBook


How about a book that will explain you how mathematics can give you countless strategic tools to let you earn more money, do better and better at work, improve your study, get back into shape and be always at your best?

How about a book that can show you how to bring destiny on your side in gambling games like Poker and Blackjack just with a couple of mental sums?

Author: Yamada Takumi


How about a book that can easily teach you to sum, divide, multiply even between 5-figure numbers in 10 seconds?

Well… how about taking a look at “The Speed Math Bible”? Directly from the years-long research of two software engineers, a revolutionary book that will show you mathematics from a completely new point of view. You’ll rapidly learn how to perform extremely complex calculations within a few seconds, you’ll acquire precious key-competencies for the academic and business world and you’ll see how many priceless strategic tools for the everyday life can be built just by using the simple mathematics you learnt at school. Game theory, Probability Theory, Vedic Mathematics, War strategy, ancient cultures and modern studies will weave themselves together in a volume you’ll hardly forget and you’ll always want to keep in your library!

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