How They Murdered Princess Diana – eBook


The Shocking Truth – This explosive book blows the lid on one of the most shocking crimes of our modern era. But it does more than that…

Author: John Morgan
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing


How They Murdered Princess Diana is the most complete evidence based account of the
assassination of Princess Diana yet written. It delivers on providing answers to many of the
key questions surrounding the 1997 Paris crash that took the lives of Diana and her lover Dodi Fayed.

Who did it? Why was Diana assassinated? How was it carried out? It also exposes the massive
inter-governmental cover-up that has taken place throughout the 17 years since the deaths.
This book takes the reader through the entire story – right from the breakdown of the Diana-Charles
marriage through to the 2013 sham police “scoping” of allegations of SAS involvement made by Soldier N.

It covers the critical events that took place in Paris on the last day of Diana and Dodi’s lives.
It reveals that the crash in the tunnel was orchestrated by MI6 on the orders of senior British royals.
Princess Diana survived the crash but was effectively murdered by deliberate mistreatment in the
ambulance by people who were supposed to be saving her.

The individuals involved in the murders are exposed




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