How To Get The Truth Out Of Anyone – eBook


In an ideal world, there would be no need for lies. But we live in a world of deception. And, whether you want to play or not, your’e in the game! – The question is…. Do you want to win?

Author: John J. Webster
Publisher: St. Martin's Press


This ebook is Excellent for those who suspect they have a cheating spouse and also for those who are in management or other supervisory positions. This book was written by a Ph.D and is very descriptive on what things to look for if you suspect someone is lying to you.

Section 1 discusses the Signs of Deception. It covers words used, body language, Facial Expressions, and even gives you a psychological profile.
TIP: Did you know that a person who is lying never asks questions? A person who is telling the truth wants to help you get to the bottom of the problem and asks questions about the situation!

Section 2 Teaches you how to become The Human Lie Detector and gives you an attack sequence to “Crack the Liar’s” Story.
Tip: Did you know a person who is lying never sits up straight? A liar always slouches when lying.

Section 3 gives you Tactics for Detecting Deceit & Gathering Information in Casual Conversations!
Tip: Did you know a Liar has limited gestures? Their Movements will seem stiff and mechanical.

Section 4 Covers Mind Games. Teaches you questions to ask to get someone to admit they ‘might’ have done something wrong.
Tip: Did you know that a Liar is always defensive when questioned and a person who is telling the truth will be offensive?

Section 5 Covers Advanced Techniques for Getting the Truth!!
Tip: Did you know a Liar doesn’t like silence?? He speaks to fill in any gaps of silence.

Section 6 Covers Tricks of the Trade. These techniques are used by the masters.




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