How to Draw People, Anime, etc – eBook


Do you or someone you know love to draw? – We present to you this fabulous eBook: “How to Draw”. For anyone interested in becoming a better drawer, regardless of skill level, age, background, education, and from all walks of life.


You may have read other learn to draw books before. However, this eBook is a definite improvement over any others I’ve seen. The layout and navigation in this eBook is unmatched. The details that go into explaining each step of the drawing process is unrivaled. You WILL become a better drawer, guaranteed.

We will present the following topics:

How to Draw a Man’s Face
How to Draw a Woman’s Face
How to Draw a Woman’s Face from the Side
How to Draw a Woman’s Lips
How to Draw Eyes
How to Draw Anime

Includes full illustrations
Easy navigation throughout the document




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