Operation Terror – Audiobook


Operation Terror is another science fiction novel that is akin to classics such as War of the Worlds.

Author: Murray Leinster


In this tale, an unidentified space ship lands in the middle of a Colorado lake.
As people gather cautiously gather around this strange object they are horrified to discover that
the creatures within the ship are by no means looking for a peaceful resolution.

Armed with a paralyzing ray weapon, the aliens quickly capture all in their path and are now amassing a large number of human prisoners.
One lone survivor behind enemy lines, a journalist, is trapped within the army cordon and he must find
a way to escape and find out how these tyrannical beings can be stopped.

Is there any hope left for the human race?
Find out in this high octane and thrilling audiobook that is narrated by Mark Nelson.

(148 MB – 10 x mp3 files)



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