Planet of the Damned – Audiobook


Written by Harry Harrison and narrated by various talented voice performers is quite a versatile mix of experience for each chapter.

Author: Pat Mills


Brion Brandd is a man unlike his people.
In his world called Anvhar, empathy is a special trait that is only seen in a special individual once in a generation.
This heightened sense of empathy helped push Brion to win the Twenties.
The Twenties is a special competition in his world where only the brightest and most physically gifted are allowed to enter.
However, Brion soon learns that it is quite lonely at the top and he was really never able to enjoy his victory.

But his life will soon change once again when he is called forth into the planet called Dis wherein war is its doorstep
and Brion might be the only hope to help avert a nuclear calamity that will definitely destroy the planet.
Can Brion rise to the occasion and save countless lives or will he also fall victim to the savage
planet of Dis, also known as the Planet of the Damned.

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