The Killing Circle – eBook


A spine-chilling, mind-twisting new psychological thriller in which a writing circle is haunted by a serial killer, from the acclaimed author of Lost Girls.

Author: Andrew Pyper
Publisher: Harper Collins


What are the repercussions of calling another story your own? Patrick Rush, journalist, single father, and failed novelist, joins a creative writing circle in an inspiring atmosphere of menace and fear. Throughout Toronto, a murderer strikes randomly, leaving bodies mutilated and dismembered, and taunting the police with cryptic notes.

The group reads each other their own dark, unsettling tales. Angela tells of child-stealer Sandman. Patrick, though, finds fantasy and reality blurring. Is the maniac at large the Sandman? What does Angela really know? And does the killer stalk his pursuer? Only when his son is snatched does Patrick journey toward the elusive figure.

(1.1 MB)