Windows 7 – Advanced Training Manual – eBook


This Windows 7 Training manual covers the “bare-bone” basics about Windows and how to operate your computer. This ebook keeps everything very simple so you can follow along no matter your previous computer experience.


Table of Contents

Lesson 1.1: Meet the Control Panel
Lesson 1.2: Common Customization Tasks
Lesson 1.3: Advanced Customization Tasks
Lesson 1.4: Setting Accessibility Options
Lesson 1.5: Customizing User Accounts
Lesson 2.1: Overview of Networking
Lesson 2.2: Other Networking Tasks
Lesson 2.3: Advanced Networking Tasks
Lesson 2.4: Wireless Networking
Lesson 3.1: Maintaining your Computer
Lesson 3.2: Optimizing your Computer
Lesson 3.3: Using Windows Defender
Lesson 3.4: Keeping your Family Safe
Lesson 4.1: The Basics of Managing Software
Lesson 4.2: Advanced Software Management
Lesson 4.3: Managing Hardware
Lesson 4.4: Advanced Hardware Management

237 Page PDF file.



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