Witchcraft and Wicca Collection – 166 eBooks


A large (166 e-books, 763mb) collection of mostly Witchcraft and Wicca ebooks some are not officially published and have been found elsewhere on the net.
Enjoy this epic collection!



Enjoy this epic collection! (These are only some of the contents as the list is too long…)


12 Raunchy Recipes.pdf
12th Generation Book of Shadows.pdf
13 Herbs for a Witchs Cabinet.pdf
50 of the Most Powerful Spells on Earth.pdf
A Book of Shadows.pdf
A Brief History of Wicca.pdf
A True History of Witchcraft.pdf
Candle Magic.pdf
Celebrating the Seasons of Life Samhain to Ostara.pdf
Celtic Magic.pdf
Celtic Tree Calendar.pdf
Complete Book Of Witchcraft [Second Scan].pdf
Creating Magickal Entities.pdf
Cultus Sabbati.pdf
Cunningham’s Book of Shadows.pdf
Dance of the Witches.pdf
Historical Dictionary of Witchcraft.pdf
Homestudy Course in Witchcraft.pdf
Internet Book of Shadows.pdf
Invincible Magick Spells of Mullah-Sensees.pdf
Invocation of Our Lord of Midnight, Mahazhael-Deval.pdf
Invocation to Our Lady of Midnight, Liliya-Devala.pdf
Love & Lust Magic Spells and Rituals.pdf
Magic in Ancient Egypt.pdf
Magick of the Future.pdf
Magickal Names.pdf
Mastering Witchcraft.pdf
Modern Magick.pdf
Night Magick.pdf
Nine Proven Magical Rites.pdf
Nuit’s Veil.pdf
Occult Glossary.pdf
Old Witchcraft Secrets.pdf
Pocket Guide to Witchcraft.pdf
Practical Candleburning Rituals.pdf
Practical Magical Evocation.pdf
Psychic Self-Defense.pdf
Sabbatic Kabala of the Crooked Path.pdf
Secret Magick Spells of the Romany Gypsies.pdf
Self-Initiation for the Solitary Witch.pdf
Seven Shades of Solitude.pdf
Shadows of a Witch.pdf
Spells and Spellcrafting.pdf
Spells for the Lazy Witch.pdf
The Book of Black Magic and of Pacts [1910].pdf
The Complete Uncut Book Of Shadows.pdf
The Cyber Spellbook.pdf
The Development of Psychic Powers.pdf
The Encyclopedia of Witches, Witchcraft and Wicca.pdf
The Extremely Large Herbal Grimoire.pdf
The Faerie Way.pdf
The Future of Paganism.pdf
The Hammer of Witches.pdf
Witchcraft Today.pdf
Witches Potions & Spells.pdf
Witches Workshop Handbook.pdf

(…and much, much more.. too much to list…)




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