Your Worst Enemy – Jacobus Kotze – eBook


Your Worst Enemy is about the scandalous way defaulters are treated by their bankers (your worst enemy) once they fall on hard times and cannot pay their instalments any longer for whatever reasons, many times due to outside influences. Even a poor man deserves equality before the law. If there is one legal principle that should be beyond dispute it is fairness in law. That is to hear the other side (called the Audi Alterim Partem-Rule). Have an independent judiciary and above all to be treated equally when in a legal dispute.

Author: Jacobus Kotze
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing


Of course, that is just so much academic nonsense and may work in Cloud-Cuckoo-Land but not in real life. Trust me, rich people (I was tempted to say rich “pigs”) are much more equal than anyone else and most certainly more equal than you that are reading here. Some pigs are above the law for all intents and purposes if they are from a powerfully connected political dynasty and this is the same across the world, no exceptions, we see the evidence daily in the news. That will never change so the legal advice is never to do business with a man that cannot be sued successfully. And then there are bankers or banksters as I call them, created to become rich by being nasty to those that once were their esteemed clients. They live in a culture of no accountability, no one ever goes to jail, and rich pigs will be rich pigs. Their arrogance is mind-blowing.Unless you were there, alone and without the financial means to honour your obligations made in better times, you will not understand how quickly you go from being an “an honoured client to something akin to Satan to be humiliated and hounded at will for falling on hard times and unable to pay any more.” Yes, I actually heard those self-same words articulated by the very top management of a well-known bank whilst still acting for them as a lawyer. They have no sympathy for the poor, they will throw the law books at you and this always happens when you cannot afford a lawyer (overpriced, overbearing and useless in most cases besides taking your money at a great rate). Logically, when one side is able to afford unlimited legal action and the other is not, there is no equality whatsoever, but it gets worse. You will find out that few attorneys are willing to act against a bankster – that is where they write vast fees – and your case will intervene with that. Thus, they will not represent you no matter what the merits of your case may be. You stand alone but you have a lot of options left open to you… you have many legal rights which offer good protection against bankster abuse. They might act like they have a free hand but in fact, they don’t, they are vulnerable to pushback.This book explains your rights in clear non-legalese English and is so important that besides the paper version (which costs money to produce) Your Worst Enemy is free of charge and always will be. The advice contained is based on similar cases the author dealt with in more than 20 years of law and what any lawyer will tell you when you arrive for a consultation anywhere in the world. The first rule is to understand that your bank is your worst enemy. The relationship between you is based on “sincere mutual distrust” and this is exposed and explained in some detail. For instance, the contracts you must sign is so one-sided and in such a small font that you will not sign it if you read it and you cannot read it anyway, the font is small for that very reason. After all, they can afford a larger font and more printed paper but they don’t, why? Obvious legal reasons, I used that trick myself. This book will show you how to push back and make life very difficult for bankers and their hounds from hell, known as debt collectors. As listed companies, they must toe the legal line closely and are very vulnerable to push back if you have the legal knowledge to do so. Many were helped by reading here and so can you, fight back and they leave you alone. The next victim may be easier.

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