The Time Machine – Audiobook


This classic and beloved adventure tale by H.G. Wells is one of the greatest science fiction/fantasy adventure stories that elevated this genre to new heights.

Author: H. G. Wells


The Time Machine is an essential for collectors of science fiction or those simply wanting to enjoy a classic and smartly written adventure tale.

The story revolves around a scientist that is only known as The Time Traveler.
The audiobook tells his story as he travels into the far flung future, the year 802,701 AD to be exact and even further ahead.
Using his time machine, the scientist is able to bear witness to the end of human civilization and even the start of the end of the world.
The Time Machine story has been adapted to many mediums but has never really been improved upon.
In fact, there is nothing to improve in a story that is already well written and ties all the plots perfectly.

H.G. Wells helped develop the science fiction genre with this novel alone and it has stood
the test of time as it is still one of the premier science fiction stories today.

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