The Sky is Falling – Audiobook


This exciting science fiction/fantasy tale will surely be a treat to genre fans and is read by the talented Karen Savage.

Author: Sidney Sheldon


Dave Hanson was just your ordinary citizen, living one day at a time trying to leave his mark on this world.
Unfortunately, an accident occurred in one of the building site Dave was working on and his life has been cut tragically short.

And then he woke up.

However, the world he woke up in was different from our world. It was a world where magic is real and something strange is
happening to the sky. To be specific, the sky is slowly crumbling and falling away and Dave Hanson is the only one the people
of this world believes can put the sky back to what it once was. With this extremely heavy burden suddenly dropped on his
shoulders, what can one man, out of his element, do?
Will he be able to save this world or will this be his second time dying?

(91 MB – 10 x mp3 files)



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