Fight to Win – 20 Simple Techniques That Win Any Fight – eBook


If you are going to fight, you might as well fight to win!

This book presents 20 simple fighting techniques that will win any fight, any time! Fight to Win teaches you how to fight with a minimum of technical jargon. It allows you to quickly develop the ability to win by learning a small number of techniques that ALWAYS work in EVERY situation.

Author: Martin J. Dougherty
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing


This is far more effective than learning hundreds of movements and variations which work only in specific circumstances (and are easily forgotten in the heat of the moment!).

With 400 full-color photos and easy-to-follow instructions, Martin Dougherty presents techniques such as: The Hammerfist-delivered by straightening a bent arm and striking with the base of the fist The Double Leg Takedown-will make the opponent land so hard he’ll be stunned and unable to defend himself. The Triangle Choke-uses the opponent’s arm and shoulder to compress the carotid arteries and cut off blood supply to the brain and more!




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